Maschio Angioino - Piazza Municipio - Tel. 081.7955877 081-7957702   The building of Castel Nuovo, known also as Maschio Angioino, began in 1279, under Carlo I d’Angiò, planned by the French architect... [read more]
Via Tito Angelini, 20 - Tel. 081.5784030 - Sito web:   The castel took on its present appearance following fortification works built by the viceroy don Pedro di Toledo... [read more]
Borgo Marinari - Tel. 081.2400055 Castel dell’Ovo stands on the ancient Megaride islet. One of the imaginative Neapolitan tales tells that it was named after an egg that Virgilio hid inside a cage in the... [read more]


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