Chiesa dell'Annunziata

Via Annunziata, 34 - Tel. 081.289032 - Sito web:


The first Church was built by the Angiovins, but fully renovated and enlarged since 1513 . The building was almost completely destroyed by a large fire in 1757. Luigi Vanvitelli planned the renovations. He reused the sixteenth century rooms, now in the present structure, but couln’t finish the works that his son Carlo carried on. During the second world war the building was seriously damaged and it had to be renovated both inside and outside. By the artistic point of view, it is to mention Cappella Carafae and the huge dome by Domenico Fontana.

Open: Mon to Fri
Hours: 08.30 a.m. - 7 p.m.
Services: Disabled access
Means of transport: bus R2


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